Alba Party’s Ash Regan MSP urges First Minister to Scrap Gender Reform Legal Battle as For Women Scotland lose Court Case

Alba Party Holyrood leader Ash Regan MSP has today urged First Minister Humza Yousaf to end his legal battle with the UK Government over the controversial Gender Reform Act. 

Ms Regan’s comments are in response to the potential impact of a decision of the Court of Session in regards to a case brought by For Women Scotland against the Scottish Ministers. 

The Inner House Court of Session issued its judgment today which ruled that a Gender Recognition Certificate does change a person's sex for the purposes of the Equality Act, and so men who have acquired a GRC are entitled to be included as women in the quota for public boards.

Alba Party’s Regan says this now means that if the Scottish Government are successful against the UK Government’s Section 35 legal case it would add further risks to the controversial Gender Recognition Reforms which she resigned from Government to vote against.

Commenting Alba Party Holyrood Leader Ash Regan MSP said:

"Today’s decision is disappointing for women’s rights campaigners and it obviously has far wider implications for single-sex services and associations. 

"I am aware that For Women Scotland are still reviewing the judgment in full and will be speaking to their legal team about the options open to them for any further legal challenge. 

"However, this should provide pause for Humza Yousaf to consider his own legal battle over the Gender Recognition Reform Act. 

"If the Scottish Government succeed in their challenge to the UK Government’s Section 35 order and bring the legislation into force it will make it easier for predatory men to invade the privacy, and threaten the safety, of women and girls. 

"Therefore I call on Humza Yousaf to today scrap his legal battle over the Gender Recognition Reform Act and to confirm that he will cancel plans to proceed with the legislation.“

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