Budget Betrayal Over Grangemouth and Carbon Capture Show it is Time for Independence

Reacting to the Budget today (Wednesday) ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“The failure of the Chancellor to commit the modest sums required to save Grangemouth oil refinery while giving tax cuts worth tens of billions to big business is a betrayal of Scottish interests and shows just how little Scotland matters to this Tory government.

“It is a scandal that the North East of Scotland continues to be denied the funds to make Scotland a world leader in carbon capture and storage while billions of pounds in tax receipts from oil and gas are keeping the UK Treasury afloat and the revenues from Scotland’s renewable bounty are sent south.

“No help for the fuel poor or those households off the gas grid who depend on unregulated fuels, no action to address the financial losses experienced by WASPI women affected by the increase in the state pension age and the promise by Sunak to introduce a zero rate for VAT on domestic fuel broken yet again.

“This is a Budget made in Whitehall for middle England which leaves Scotland with the crumbs from the masters table. This is the real price of the Union and show it is now time for Independence.”

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