Hanvey bids for Alba Party election breakthrough

ALBA Party Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP has today launched his campaign to be re-elected at the General Election.

Mr Hanvey will seek re-election in the newly established Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy constituency which covers the majority of the seat currently held by the Alba MP.

First elected in 2019 as an MP, Hanvey was previously a member of Fife Council and has a career in the NHS before entering politics.

Hanvey has been a strong advocate for Scottish independence in the current Westminster Parliament and has been an outspoken critic of legislation such as the now unlawful Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

Commenting Alba Party Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“When I put myself forward as a candidate in 2019, I believed the SNP could still engage in respectful debate on any issue. I also believed the party’s primary focus was the cause of independence. Over the past five years both of those beliefs have been repeatedly shattered.

"As we move toward another Westminster general election, one I hoped Scotland would never have to contest, I have a track record of achievement upon which I am proud to stand, over 12,000 constituency cases handled; over £120,000 of cash recovered for hard-up constituents; challenging the Tories on Scotland’s energy robbery and fuel poverty, and many more besides, and I’m the only MP to introduce legislation on Scottish self-determination."

"As I launch my campaign for re-election my commitment to independence will never waver, but as a movement we can only achieve that by striving to do the right thing for all of Scotland.”

Welcoming Neale Hanvey’s re-election bid, Alba Party leader Alex Salmond said:

“Neale Hanvey who has emerged as one of Scotland's outstanding parliamentarians. He is the only MP in this Westminster Parliament who has brought forward legislation on Scotland’s right of self-determination. Along with Kenny MacAskill he has kept the saltire flying high in London while so many others have sat silent on the green benches.

“ALBA’S big objective has always been breakthrough at the Scottish elections. The recent Find Out Now poll suggested that we could realistically aim for 20 seats plus in a Scottish poll. However, now that ALBA has emerged as the only Party seeking an independence mandate at each and every election and, with the SNP, Greens and Tories now all in substantial disarray, we are increasing our effort for this year’s Westminster poll.

“We originally thought to contest 12 seats. With the level of enthusiasm in our branches it is likely it will be rather more than that. Neale Hanvey is our first of many candidates that will be announced in the coming weeks. If we work hard then ALBA can make a big impact for independence in the coming election.”

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