Salmond confirms ALBA Support and calls for YES backing for MacNeil

“Angus MacNeil is clearly the best independence candidate in Na h-Eileanan an Iar and should be backed by the entire YES movement to hold the Western Isles for the independence cause.”

This was said by First Minister, Alex Salmond, after a YES movement gathering in Edinburgh at the weekend organised by the ALBA Party. Angus MacNeil MP, made a keynote speech at the event and received a hero’s welcome from the 250 strong crowd.

Mr Salmond confirmed that ALBA as a Party would back MacNeil’s candidacy in the islands at the General Election and called on the entire YES movement to get behind the independent nationalist MP.

Mr Salmond said;

“Angus MacNeil is a fine parliamentarian and resolutely defends the interests of the Hebrides without fear or favour. He was also one of the first to recognise the need for a fresh strategy on independence. The SNP would be well advised to get behind him in the islands rather than hand Labour another seat.

For the YES movement it should be a no-brainer. Either a real independence supporter representing the islands or a unionist Labour hack. We should all get behind Angus as a Yes Movement candidate standing on an independence mandate.”

In his speech Mr MacNeil responded;

“All the political ideas in the independence movement are coming from ALBA and the wider YES movement. We have to look beyond the current troubles of the SNP and make the case for independence in a positive, fearless and forthright manner.

The islands are tired of the SNP’s lack of ambition. We look for our inspiration to the arc of prosperity surrounding Scotland, independent Ireland to the west, independent Iceland to our north and independent Norway to our east.”

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