Salmond Cautions SNP on Putting Green Deal Above Traditional Independence Supporters

Commenting on Fergus Ewing’s suspension from the SNP, former First Minster ALEX SALMOND said:

“It is not just Fergus and his half-century of service to the SNP that makes it the wrong decision. It’s the sacrifice of the efforts of all traditional independence supporters at the altar of a Green Party, which pays mere lip service to the cause.

“The Greens spell real trouble for the SNP. Their contribution to government is entirely negative; every Governmental disaster from administering the bottle scheme to self-identification has green fingers all over it. For the Greens, independence is a flag of convenience, something which secures their ministerial meal tickets.

"For Fergus Ewing, in contrast, independence and his Highland constituency are his political raison d’être. An SNP which has no room for the Ewings is heading for the sands.”

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