“Scotland United” MPs In Push for Self Determination King's Speech Debate

ALBA Party MPs Neale Hanvey MP and Kenny MacAskill MP have joined with Independent MP Angus Brendan MacNeil MP to table an amendment to the Government’s motion on the King’s Speech in support of Scottish Self-Determination.  The amendment calls on the Government to bring forward a Self-Determination Bill.

The three MPs are calling on all independence supporting MPs to sign the amendment and to “put country before party” in standing up for Scottish Democracy and Scotland’s right to Self Determination in the face of Westminster’s continuing intransigence. 

In a statement ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“The King’s Speech showed that the UK Government is continuing to treat Scottish Democracy with utter contempt.   That is why together with Angus Brendan McNeil and Kenny MacAskill, I have tabled this amendment, in the first initiative under the ‘Scotland United’ banner.  The amendment calls on the UK government to bring forward a Bill  to amend the Scotland Act 1998 to transfer the power to legislate for a Scottish Independence referendum to the Scottish Parliament.  It is time for all independence supporting MPs to put country before party and to support this initiative.”

Continuing Angus Brendan MacNeil MP said:

“The UK is continuing to ride rough shod over the democratic aspirations of the Scottish people.  This is not a situation which any self-respecting independence supporting MP should accept.  It is necessary for all MPs who support independence to put party differences aside to support this amendment,  the only one on the order paper to back independence and Self-Determination. This is an amendment which every Independence supporting MP, worth their salt, can and must get behind.”

Concluding ALBA Party Deputy Leader Kenny MacAskill MP said:

“The Westminster establishment continues to ignore the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland because they do not believe that the Independence movement is serious about achieving independence.  It is only unity of purpose, a clear and attainable strategy and a determination to pursue independence that will ensure our success.  We need to stand up for Scottish Democracy and Scotland’s right to Self-Determination in the face of Westminster intransigence.”

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