Alba Party Chair thanks NHS, Emergency Services and Voluntary Sector workers for their sacrifice throughout Christmas

ALBA Party have sent a message of thanks to Scotland’s workers who are working throughout Christmas, of support to the homeless of Scotland and of solidarity to those oppressed in the Middle East. 

In a message sent by Alba Party’s Chair on Christmas Day, Alba have thanked workers including those working today in Scotland’s NHS, our emergency services and across the voluntary sector for sacrificing their Christmas so that others can enjoy theirs. 

Commenting Alba Party Chair Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh said: 

“People across Scotland are today gathering with their family and loved ones to celebrate Christmas. On behalf of Alba Party I want to thank all of those across the country who are sacrificing their Christmas day, and many days throughout the festive period, to help others. We should all be grateful to our NHS and social care staff who will ensure that our hospitals and care homes continue to look after members of our communities and to our emergency services who will be working to keep us safe. 

“Our communities face yet another austerity Christmas with the mounting social and economic woes stretching the very fabric of society which is why the Yuletide message of goodwill, love and self-sacrifice should inspire those of all faiths and none to greater community and family efforts to bring relief and joy to those who have so little.

"For far too many people in Scotland, Christmas night is another homeless night. Alba Party send a special thank you to everyone who is volunteering to help provide Christmas meals to those who would otherwise be alone and go hungry today. We see great work from volunteers in projects such as, for example, the Homeless Project Scotland in the heart of Glasgow. Their volunteers will spend today and tonight, like they always do, providing a warm place, to feed and look after people, and now thanks to their new indoor premises this Christmas they will be able to provide shelter, warmth, and hot food to homeless and vulnerable people.

“Finally those of goodwill and faith should keep our thoughts on the ongoing tragedy in the Holy Land. The overwhelming wish and determination of the world community is to end the slaughter and suffering now and to see peace and justice established for our time. Our collective determination this Christmas should be to believe it strongly enough to impact on those still requiring that shift of faith and belief to enable the action and find the resolve required not to just pause the nightmare, but to end it.”

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