UK Government accused of Scottish Nuclear Convoy Movements “Coverup”

The UK Government have been accused of covering up the amount of nuclear convoys that are travelling to Scotland. 

Pro-independence Alba Party recently submitted a Freedom of Information request asking for the number of nuclear convoys that had transported Nuclear materials to the Trident Warhead Depot, Coulport, on Loch Long. 

The Ministry of Defence refused the request. Today at Defence Questions in the House of Commons, Alba Party Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP pressed the UK Government to reveal the number of nuclear convoys that had taken place.

Alba Party wanted to know how many convoys had transported nuclear materials to Scotland in each of the past five years. 

Mr Hanvey’s question came today after it was disclosed that an unnamed Vanguard class submarine, which carries the UK's trident nuclear missiles, was involved in a serious safety breach more than a year ago while it was preparing to go out on patrol from HMNB Clyde. 

The UK Government Minister refused to answer the Alba Party Westminster leader’s Question and instead deflected to criticise Alba Party’s policy of Scotland being free of Nuclear Weapons and not part of NATO.

Speaking today in the House of Commons Alba Party Westminster leader Neale Hanvey MP asked: 

“We know that containment of Nuclear material is a problem for the MOD. Alba Party submitted a freedom of information request to ask how much nuclear material had been transported through Scotland and this was rebuffed. 

“Can the Secretary of State explain the lack of transparency surrounding Weapons of Mass Destruction movement in Scotland and justify why Scotland is being kept in the dark on this issue?“ 

Alba Party General Secretary Chris McEleny, who previously worked at the Nuclear Weapons Depot added: 

“This is nothing short of a cover-up by the UK Government. The people of Scotland have the right to know how often Nuclear materials are being transported on our roads past our schools, our hospitals and our towns and cities. The UK Government’s refusal to disclose this information shows they have something to hide, citing national security on a day that it’s revealed the MoD concealed a near catastrophic incident involving a Vanguard Submarine packed with Nuclear Weapons only 30 minutes from Scotland’s largest city shows that nothing less than full transparency from the UK Government will cut it.” 

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