Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh: “UK Abstention an act of cowardice”

“UN Abstention an act of cowardice” - Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

“The UK Government have lost the international room and all moral compass over Gaza”

This was said by ALBA Party Chair, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, speaking at the prestigious TRT World Forum in Istanbul over the weekend.

Following the UK's abstention on a UN vote demanding a ceasefire, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh said:

“The craven abstention on the issue of a Gaza ceasefire puts the UK in the dock with America in terms of international opinion.

"Next to no other country on this planet regards the conduct of the Israeli Government in Gaza as remotely acceptable. To respond to the cries of dying children with an abstention is an act of cowardice from a country with no moral compass remaining. America’s poodle is neither a dignified or principled place to occupy on the international stage.

"It’s time for the UK Government and the powderpuff Labour opposition to speak for the people and for an immediate ceasefire.”

You can watch Tasmina in action here and here.

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