ALBA Party warn against SNP’s Devo Max Proposal

ALBA Party have said that only independence will ensure “economic justice” is secured for the people of Scotland. 

ALBA Party Chair Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh made the comments today in response to a proposal by the SNP’s Independence Minister who has said that his party should consider a referendum with “Devo Max” as an option. 

Speaking today whilst campaigning in the Bellshill By-Election, Ms Ahmed-Sheikh said that “ without the full powers of independence we cannot secure economic justice for the people of Scotland. Devo Max is a Trojan Horse that would ensure that Westminster retains the key fiscal levers over Scotland’s economy”. 

Jamie Hepburn, the Scottish Government Independence Minister, said that there should be a “discussion” with the Labour Party on a “devo-max” option should Keir Starmer’s party win the next General Election.

Asked about a possible deal with Labour on a multi-option referendum, including having Devo Max on a ballot paper, Hepburn said:  

"That’s something we need to consider…Certainly, when there’s been the opportunity to acquire additional responsibilities for the Scottish Parliament, we’ve supported that.

"Whether or not that’s really come to fruition as much as we might have felt it could otherwise have is another question.

"But if that was a possibility, that’s something we’d need to consider."

Commenting ALBA Party Chair Tasmina Ahmed-Sheihk said today from Bellshill: 

"Support for independence is high but support for the SNP is now falling to 30% with no immediate sign of improvement. That’s why ALBA Party have proposed a Scotland United pro-independence pact at the next General Election to ensure that independence doesn’t suffer a setback because of the tribulations of one political party. If the people of Scotland put their trust in Scotland United at the General Election then this would be a mandate to enter into independence negotiations with the UK Government. 

"It is foolhardy to fight a General Election hoping for a hung parliament as this may not happen. And if it does, the Scottish Government’s Independence Minister’s plan relies on trusting the Labour Party so that Scotland can get a shot at the Booby prize of Devo Max - which would trap Nuclear Weapons on the Clyde, allow Scotland’s Energy resources to continue to be plundered and keep the key fiscal levers over the economy at Westminster. 

"Only independence will deliver economic justice to the people of Scotland by ensuring that Scotland’s future is in Scotland’s hands."

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