Alba Party welcome vote rise in Bellshill

ALBA Party Chair, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, has welcomed another vote rise for the Party in the Bellshill local by-election.Candidate, John Marshall, registered almost 4 per cent of the vote and comfortably beat both the Liberal and Green candidates. This is the best by-election result yet for ALBA, and is almost double last year’s vote in the Council elections in Bellshill.

Commenting Ms Ahmed-Sheikh said;

“Very well done to John Marshall and his campaign team. This is ALBA’s best result thus far and suggests great things for the future. This is the second by-election running where we have outpolled the Greens and the first time we have beaten both the Greens and the Liberal Democrats.

The overall result in Bellshill confirms the SNP are in deep trouble and it is our job to ensure that ALBA continues our rise to offer a viable alternative to independence supporting voters.”

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