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Alex Salmond campaigns with ALBA Candidate Kirsty Fraser in Linn Ward By-Election

‘On Thursday Glasgow voters will have the opportunity to tell the Tories that enough is enough and that it is time for independence.”

This was said by ALBA Leader, Alex Salmond, campaigning today (Tuesday) with candidate Kirsty Fraser in the Linn by election.

Commenting Alex Salmond said:

“Kirsty Fraser’s key message that Scotland should not tolerate for a moment longer the scandal of fuel poverty amid energy plenty is clearly hitting home in Linn. Fuel poor Scots amid energy rich Scotland is simply not acceptable.

Independence and control of our own resources is the way to ensure that every Scottish home in Linn, Glasgow and Scotland has access to clean, green and affordable power.”

Commenting Alba Party Candidate Kirsty Fraser said:

“The cost of living crisis created by Westminster needs independence to escape from it. But in the here and now there are things that the Council can do that’ll make a difference. To help mitigate this I will advocate a freeze on Council Tax next year and a freeze on the cost of all Council services that are charged for.“

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