New Poll shows Independence support riding high at 52.5 per cent

ALBA Party: “ With support for independence sitting so high whilst support for the SNP is falling to new lows, the next General Election must be fought as a Scotland United Pro-Independence Pact”

The new Poll which puts support for independence on 52.5% included responses after Nicola Sturgeon was arrested.

ALBA PARTY have welcomed the results of a new poll which shows a majority in support of Scottish independence.

In a survey by pollsters FindOutNow, commissioned by the pro-independence ALBA Party, of those that expressed a view 52.5% answered Yes to the question of “Should Scotland be an independent Country. This new poll is the second running placing independence above 50% following a MORI survey published last month.

ALBA Party Chair Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh has welcomed the results, stating that they reinforce her Party’s calls for the next General Election to be contested by Pro-Independence Parties under a Scotland United for Independence Banner.

ALBA want the SNP and the Greens to join with them and other pro Indy parties such as the Scottish Socialist Party to form this pro-independence pact at next year’s General Election, with a single independence candidate in each constituency.

Commenting ALBA Party Chair Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh said;

“This latest poll shows that support for independence is high but we know from other recent polling that support for the SNP is falling backwards, with no realistic prospect of any immediate improvement.

“These results dramatically reinforce the ALBA Party proposal of a Scotland United pro-independence pact at the next General Election to ensure that independence doesn’t suffer a setback because of the tribulations of one political party.

“All participating parties in this YES alliance would stand under a prime manifesto commitment of seeking a popular mandate to begin independence negotiations with Westminster. To win the election for Scotland we need to be campaigning on independence not on party politics.

“Only independence will deliver economic justice to the people of Scotland by ensuring that Scotland’s future is in Scotland’s hands.”

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