Salmond: SNP - A Slow Motion Car Crash

Scotland United Plan Backed by SNP Voters - Poll

“Watching the SNP throw away its leadership in Scottish politics is like witnessing a car crash in slow motion. Those of us who toiled for a quarter of a century to end Labour’s dominance in Scotland just cannot believe it is being handed back to them on a plate with a staggering display of political ineptitude.”

This was said by former First Minister, Alex Salmond, commenting on today (Sunday) as the SNP Conference begins in Aberdeen. Mr Salmond led the SNP into government in 2007 and through the independence referendum of 2014.

Commenting former First Minister and Alba Party leader Alex Salmond said:

“There is general sympathy just now for Humza Yousaf’s family circumstances and rightly and understandably so. But he is First Minister and leader of the independence movement. He is also at a Conference which represents the last chance to avoid a coming disaster at next year’s election.

“The writing was on the wall at Rutherglen. If he continues his ‘go it alone’ stance for the SNP then he will lose at least half of his MPs at the election. Indeed it could get worse.

The alternative is equally clear.

As demonstrated in todays Sunday Times poll the idea of fighting the election on a Scotland United for Independence platform is backed by a majority of SNP voters. It is also supported overwhelmingly across the YES movement.

With strong action in that direction combined with asking the Green Party to leave government Humza could re-unite his fractured party, bring the YES movement back together and set a strategy to fight the election on the principle of Scottish independence - not on the recent track record of the Scottish Government. That would be the way to re-establish momentum in the independence campaign.

Humza was left a total bourach by his predecessor. However,that is no reason to steer the SNP on a slow motion car crash to complete electoral disaster and to bring about the greatest setback to the independence movement in living memory. It is time to change course”

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