ALBA Party Launch Petition Calling for Free School Meals for All Scottish School Children

ALBA Party have called for Free School Meals to become a “political priority” as the pro-independence party launch a new petition to urge action on the issue.

ALBA Party’s petition has been launched in response to a leaked report that suggests that the promised roll out of Free School Meals to all Primary School pupils may be pushed back until after the next Holyrood election in 2026. 

Eva Comrie, ALBA’s National Equalities Convener has today launched the petition calling for the roll out of universal entitlement of free school to ensure the policy becomes a “political priority”. 

ALBA Party have been campaigning for the roll out of Free School Meals to all Primary and Secondary School Pupils in Scotland since the party launched in 2021. ALBA also want to see free breakfast clubs established in every school in the country so that children can start the day with a nutritional meal each day. 

Launching the Party’s Free School Meals for all petition, ALBA Party National Equalities Convener Eva Comrie said:

"Scotland is an energy rich land of plenty but we have children going hungry each day. This is a scandal and addressing it must be a political priority. ALBA Party have been campaigning for free school meals for all Scottish children, in Primary and Secondary Schools. This would help families with the cost of the school day and would make a real difference to tackling the cost of living crisis. 

Providing every child a nutritious free meal would also help create a healthier generation of young learners which evidence shows improves attainment. 

Scotland has the resources to provide free school meals to all of our school children. We are calling on as many people as possible to sign this petition so that this becomes a political priority that can’t be kicked into the long grass."

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