Scottish Budget Shows lack of intent on independence


“The lack of funding to get our institutions match fit for independence shows the UK Government that the Scottish Government are bluffing when they say that independence is a priority. Cutting the budget for European and International relations is not the action of a Government that is serious about bringing investment to Scotland and promoting the benefits of Scotland as an independent nation to the world.

“Rishi Sunak must be rubbing his hands over the thought that he’s not had to lift a finger to halt any opposition towards record amounts of North Sea Oil bailing out the UK economy whilst Scotland’s public services suffer.

“This Budget shows a Finance Secretary tinkering at the edges and in doing so with a stroke of a pen, thanks to fiscal drag, has taken a substantial amount of money out of the pockets of hard pressed households. It is now beyond any doubt that only with the powers of Independence and bold action from government can we truly transform Scotland.”

This was said today by ALBA Holyrood Leader Ash Regan MSP responding to the Scottish Draft Budget 2024-25 which was announced today (Tuesday).

Continuing Alba Party Holyrood leader Ash Regan MSP said:

“This Budget falls far short of providing the funds needed to support families facing skyrocketing energy costs. There is much more that could have been done to address the humanitarian and cost of living crisis facing every household in the land, as set out in the ALBA five point plan for tackling child and family poverty.

“The failure to increase the Scottish Child Payment to £40 means the Government will continue to struggle to meet its own child poverty reduction targets. The small increase announced today is still far below the £30 per week that Humza Yousaf pledged during the SNP leadership campaign.

“The Deputy First Minister has tinkered at the edges with tax powers but in doing so as a result of fiscal drag will hurt middle income households such as nurses and teachers.

“Last year Scotland sent a record amount of North Sea Oil and Gas revenues to the UK treasury but at the same time Scotland’s public services are to face cuts. It simply does not add up. Enough is enough. It’s time for independence.”

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