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Hanvey Responds to Scottish Government 10 year economic plan

Neale with Stirling Castle behind

Responding to the Scottish Government’s 10-year economic plans ALBA’s Westminster Group Leader Neale Hanvey MP said,

"This document is long on words, short on vision and devoid of any strategy for independence"

"The absence of an ability to articulate the vast opportunities that independence will deliver sits against a backdrop of missed opportunities.

“The still workless BiFab yards, the chaos at Fergusson Marine, the lack of a comprehensive maritime strategy including the reinstatement of ferry services to Europe, do not inspire “a culture of delivery”.

“Yet all are necessary to supporting meaningful action on tackling poverty, which is being compounded by our continued control by Westminster Tories.

“This document should be bursting with ideas and ambition for an independent Scotland where sustainable fuel security and a real just transition could be a certainty and not left to the whims of the global markets.

“If the Scottish Government were serious about delivering a referendum on Scottish independence next year, why would they be publishing a 10 year economic strategy on making the most of devolution?”

“The ALBA Party will continue to argue that independence is an urgent and pressing need and provides the real gateway to a fairer and more prosperous Scotland.”

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