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ALBA’s MacAskill rounds on Charles “King’s Speech” as “foolish and divisive”

ALBA MP, Kenny MacAskill, has rounded on the direct political references to the “integrity of the United Kingdom” delivered by Prince Charles standing in for Her Majesty the Queen in delivering his first “King’s Speech”. Mr MacAskill said;

“This was a direct political reference put into Charlie’s mouth by that complete chancer, Johnson. A constitutional monarch should never be making political statements. Charles’s advisers should have flung the draft back in the Prime Minster’s face as “foolish and divisive”

“This reference was probably to Northern Ireland but, of course, former Tory Prime Minister Cameron has already admitted to attempting to prejudice the Monarch’s impartiality during the Scottish independence referendum.

“The Monarchy cannot possibly survive when it allows itself to be used as a political cats-paw by the Tories. It re-enforces my view that once the reign of the much respected present Queen comes to an end then the Monarchy itself will have past its sell by date.”

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